Sunday, February 17, 2008

Does representing a "low life" make you one too?

There’s a popular saying that says “you are what you eat,” but is there one that says “you are who you associate with?” A recent blog post written on “TheFlack” has left me wondering if that saying doesn’t exist, can it now?

The post talks about how a Hollywood publicist resigned from his duties of representing Kevin Federline and his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan because he could no longer deal with the circus of a custody battle Federline was fighting in. This publicist then went and took on Osama Lutfi as a client.

If he didn’t want to be involved in a circus, why would he take on Lutfi, who is involved in an even bigger circus?

By only taking on “low lives” as clients, this publicist is making himself out to be a “low life” as well. Would any respectable person who is looking into hiring a new publicist want to hire someone who has been involved in some of the most ridiculous scandals of the past decade?

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