Sunday, February 24, 2008

Writing triumphs social media!

Over the course of this term, social media has been a heavy emphasis in my PR class. I consider myself “technologically challenged” and while I have enough computer skills to get by in life, I am still struggling with the technological aspect of social media.

A recent blog post by David Reich made me feel better about my social media skills (or lack there of). The post primarily offers Reich’s opinion on what makes someone a good job candidate. He says that it is good if a candidate has some social media knowledge, he gives more weight to other skills and experience.

I found reassurance in Reich’s post, knowing that while I may struggle with the technology involved with social media, there is still hope for me to succeed in the PR field. My first three years in college were heavily focused on journalistic writing, which I thought was not going to be applicable to the PR field. Having been through a few PR courses and seeing how writing plays a large role in PR, it is my hope that my writing skills will hopefully outweigh my technological skills.

Social media is something that can be taught. You can teach someone social media tactics and how to become involved in it, but writing is a skill you either have or don’t have. Even if down the line I choose to not go into PR, writing is a skill that can be applied to most other professions. So while I may not be able to figure out technology, I am glad to know that writing triumphs social media!

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