Sunday, February 3, 2008

Remember the sleaze?

Writer Peter Hartlaub recently compiled a list of what he considers to be the top 10 sleaziest super bowl commercials created . Sleazy indeed, some of these commercials made viewers slightly uncomfortable, but left them with an urge to go to the store and buy the product advertised.

I’ll admit that I will remember a commercial because of its “gross” factor (something that makes you quickly advert your eyes while shouting “eww!”). The “gross” factor is disturbing at the time, but is a quick way for a product to spread its name.

The beauty of the “gross” factor is that it leaves you wanting to discuss it. After witnessing such a horrific event, you want nothing more than to call your friend, who hopefully saw the commercial as well, or to stand around the water cooler at work and talk about how disturbing it was.

Sleazy commercials stick in the heads of viewers just like a commercial with a jingle… only sleazy commercials don’t leave viewers doing everything they can to get that song out of their head.

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