Thursday, February 28, 2008

Podcasting is “out”?

In reading my recent issue of People Style Watch, I came across an article titled “What’s IN What’s OUT” and was rather surprised to see that podcasting is what People considers to be “out”.

Granted this is a list that is telling me that bulldogs are the new designer dog and I need to loose all food-scented candles in my house because those are no longer “in” (were they ever “in”?), I was surprised to see that People mentioned podcasting as no longer being a trend. Was it ever considered a trend?

The blurb written about podcasting explains that podcasting will not be around much longer because users prefer video to podcasts.

I disagree with the argument. While watching a video may be more entertaining than simply listening to someone speak, video requires absolute concentration, which does not allow the user to perform multiple tasks at once. The beauty of a podcast is that the listener is able to listen to the podcast while driving a car or cooking dinner. The versatility of a podcast outweighs those of a video. Maybe People Style Watch should stick to fashion and leave social media to someone else.

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