Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sometimes it might be better to say "no comment"

In reading “Why your clients need media training”, I was not only entertained by the fact that the marketing guy told the interviewer that her question was stupid, but by the fact that he actually thought that was an acceptable answer. Growing up, my parents (and I’m sure most other parents) taught their children that it isn’t nice to call someone stupid. So why would a grown man in the business world think that is acceptable?

As the person in charge of marketing a product, I would think they would know every aspect of the product because it is their job to help sell it. I would also hope that as the marketing person would treat media with respect because they are prime part in the promotion of the product.

The media has the ability to make or break this product, and the company is lucky that the interviewer was nice enough to not publish the company name. He probably would have been better off saying “no comment” even though that didn’t pertain to the question. It would have made him sound more professional than saying “stupid”.

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