Friday, February 15, 2008

Social Networking Works!

This past weekend my friend Jeremy launched a new website. While I am partially writing this to give him it a plug, I am also writing this because he utilized social networking to help promote the site, which is ironically what I have been learning about in my PR class this past week.

Jeremy used Facebook to tell his friends about the launch of his site. The night the site launched, Jeremy posted a link on everyone’s Facebook wall to let them know about it and to encourage them to visit it. The beauty of using Facebook is everyone looks at each other’s walls. After Jeremy posted the link on my wall, I had friends who don’t know Jeremy visiting his site because they saw the link he posted on my wall. While it’s a bit creepy that my friends read my wall that religiously, I have to admit that it is a brilliant marketing tactic.

Facebook is slowly beginning to take over people’s lives. You can pretty much do anything on the website: play scrabble, email a friend, stalk an ex-boyfriend, look for a place to live, etc. The more applications Facebook adds, the more people are going to be dependent on it. With such a large and diverse group of users on one website, Jeremy was able to branch out to new groups and attract them to his site. Facebook can pretty much do anything (with the exception of cooking dinner or cleaning my house) and as it continues to take over both lives and the internet, it will continue to be a powerful marketing tool.

Don’t forget to check out Jeremy’s website!

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